PAS activities - Field Work

Your chance to take part in field surveys …and excavations

Early Christian cist graves at Lyne Kirk

Between 1994 and 1999, the society carried out fieldwork in Manor and in early 2000, we produced our first publication - An introduction to the Archaeology of the Manor Valley.

Together with archaeologists from the Biggar Museum Trust, members of the Society are carrying out field survey in Upper Tweeddale. And we have now also just begun a survey of Eddleston parish.

There have also been plenty of opportunities to take part in excavations.

Over the last few years, members of the society have participated in a variety of digs:

  • Campsites of Mesolithic hunters at Manor Bridge and Shiplaw, Eddleston
  • Settlements of Neolithic farmers at Melbourne and Brownsbank
  • Cooking places of Bronze Age date in the Manor Valley
  • Dark Age cist graves near Lyne Kirk

No previous experience necessary - everyone can play a part!




24 Feb, 2013

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