From traces of prehistoric hunters .....
.... to the remains of Second World War defences.

The past is out there!

If you would like to explore the rich archaeological heritage of Tweeddale or learn more about archaeology in general, please come along to one of our regular meetings.


Thursday 18th April 2019

Annual General Meeting and Members' Evening.
7.30pm at the Community Centre, Walkers Haugh, Peebles.

Our main current fieldwork project is at Shootinglee, near Traquair, where we have successfully been investigating the suspected site of a forest stead and hunting lodge within the historic Ettrick Forest. ....More...

Shootinglee Project 2019 update

One of the aims of Peeblesshire Archaeological Society is to promote awareness of the extremely rich archaeological heritage of the region. In recent years, the Society has undertaken successful projects on local sites....More...

"Adopt a monument"- Harehope Cairn

Dr Gemma Cruickshanks (National Museums Scotland) got the 2018/2019 series off to a great start with her presentation on Iron production and use in Iron Age Scotland...More...

"Peebles Archaeological Society Times" - April 2019